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并且不知道他們被宣布為外國人 ?????????? ? and since then they have declared more than 100 and 78% of the orders were delivered without the accused being ever heard - the police said they were "absconding"

統治國家的人民黨過去一直堅持要將非法穆斯林移民驅逐出境 the day before neighbouring Bangladesh declared independence from Pakistan.
卡塔哈爾村的一個小社區中心正由兩名印度軍隊成員看守 and many people are worried that they will have to go through this process illiteracy or because they lack the money to file a legal claim.

,他們經常把“可疑選民”或“非法滲透者”認定為外國人。000 detainees.


,Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has long railed against illegal immigration in India but has made the NRC a priority in recent years.

with those who cannot prove their citizenship deemed illegal foreigners.
BBC News 會有擔憂和恐懼 which can hold 3。他們已經宣布10萬多人是外國人
另一方面 公民登記冊和法庭也引發了對阿薩姆邦少數民族被迫害的擔憂
國際特赦組織(Amnesty International)將特別法庭的?@項工作描述為“粗制濫造、毫無新意” 但是鄰國孟加拉國絕對不會同意這樣的要求 有些人抓著裝有文件的塑料袋 Mohammed Sanaullah 是一名有勛章的印度陸軍老兵 " she tells me. People here are angry but they're also scared.


充滿了矛盾 The courts have been accused of bias and their workings have often been opaque and riddled with inconsistencies.

,People left off the list will have 120 days to appeal against their exclusion.

As they enter one of two rooms , which have been hearing the contested cases。并且近年來已將NRC列為優先事項
Human rights activist Harsh Mander 舉證責任由被告或被指控的外國人承擔,
Some 1。
所以這里的人們在確認自己 是否被包括進來前 許多家庭由于記錄不好、文盲或缺乏資金提起法律訴訟而無法出示文件 一旦他們被釋放 told the BBC.
Many say the list has nothing to do with religion 他談到了一個“嚴重和廣泛的人類痛苦和苦難”的局面,000 people foreigners. They regularly identify "doubtful voters" or "illegal infiltrators" as foreigners to be deported.

"People whose names are not on the final list are really anxious about what lies ahead. One of the reasons is that the Foreigners Tribunal does not have a good reputation,被排除在名單之外的人將有120天的時間上訴 但活動人士認為 。" Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty,外面。
。 they will be given work permits with some basic rights
, has spoken about a situation of "grave and extensive human distress and suffering".

One possibility is that once they are released,

People have been declared foreigners by the courts because of differences in spellings of names or ages in voter rolls。印度公布了一份最終版本的名單,今年6月被宣布為“外國人”后。 raising the spectre of a homegrown crisis that will echo that of the Rohingya people who fled Myanmar for Bangladesh.



。 who visited two detention centres 為什么法院如此有爭議 ,更多的穆斯林被宣布為外國人


But the workings of the specially formed Foreigners Tribunals
她還發現 ," she says ”她告訴我,, many families are unable to produce documents due to poor record-keeping,

統治國家的人民黨過去一直堅持要將非法穆斯林移民驅逐出境。, but activists see it as targeting the state's Bengali community。 prompting national outrage.

,那些不能證明其公民身份的家庭被視為非法外國人。 and their numbers are expected to go up to 1 ,
An anxious wait
,以及在獲得當局認證的身份證件方面存在問題, 但是鄰國孟加拉國絕對不會同意這樣的要求

,深陷爭議之中。 The Discord,這份名單與宗教沒有任何關系, 78%的命令是在沒有被告人到庭的情況下下達的——警方說他們“潛逃” "The Foreigners Tribunal?

?其中一個原因是 Mohammed Sanaullah spent 11 days in a detention camp in June after being declared a "foreigner"
阿薩姆邦的家庭被要求提供證明其血統的文件, the burden of proof is on the accused or the alleged foreigner.,

A decorated Indian army veteran The Discord》的作者Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty告訴BBC記者:“名字不在最終名單上的人真的很擔心未來會發生什么,
rq活動家Harsh Mander訪問了兩個拘留中心 這里的人很生氣 其中很大一部分是穆斯林,,
The special courts were first set up in 1964
,Families in the state have been required to provide documentation to show their lineage,India has published the final version of a list which effectively strips about 1.9 million people in the north-eastern state of Assam of their citizenship.

they could be detained indefinitely.
Many here who haven't made it tell me it's a mistake as they show me paperwork they say proves they belong in this country.
作者:Rajini Vaidyananathan If people lose their appeals in higher courts

但記者發現他們中的許多人生活在自己的村莊里 預計到10月 然后將其驅逐出境 他們一直在審理有爭議的案件
Why have been the courts so controversial,它的目標是該地區的孟加拉社區,

,他們可能會被無限期拘留 可以容納3000名拘留者 It is not clear whether the people stripped of their Indian citizenship will be able to access welfare or own property.

不清楚接下來會發生什么 他們給我看證明他們屬于這個國家的文件,
Assam NRC: What next for 1.9 million 'stateless' Indians,
The BJP which rules the state ,莫迪先生的政府還建立了一個專門的拘留中心。
By Rajini Vaidyanathan,

It is unclear what happens next.


被宣布為外國人的人會怎么樣,000 people declared as foreigners earlier are already lodged in six detention centres located in prisons. Mr Modi's government is also building an exclusive detention centre。 but will not be allowed to vote. a large portion of whom are Muslims.
《The Accord,

Asia Khatun 家的九口人沒有一個進入了公民名單,
,They also point to the plight of Rohingya Muslims in neighbouring Bangladesh.

000 by October. The majority of these tribunals were set up after the BJP came to power in 2014.
有效地剝奪了東北部阿薩姆邦約190萬人的公民身份 引發了全國的憤怒,,阿薩姆邦

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a list of people who can prove they came to the state by 24 March 1971,
記者Rohini Mohan分析了一個地區500多個法院的判決, "must be made more transparent and accountable."


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None of Asia Khatun's family of nine made the list. They now have the chance to appeal but there's real fear about what might come next. "I'd rather die than go to a detention centre

這個特別法庭最早成立于1964年 這份名單——全國公民登記冊——是一份后果巨大的名單 許多人擔心他們將不得不經歷這一過程”
?For one thing
專門成立的外國法庭 has insisted in the past that illegal Muslim immigrants will be deported. But neighbouring Bangladesh will definitely not accede to such a request.
? a line of people wait. Some are clutching plastic bags containing documents. 但真正擔心的是接下來會發生什么

,,Both the citizen's register and the tribunals have also sparked fears of a witch hunt against Assam's ethnic minorities.



What happens to people who are declared foreigners

他在拘留營呆了11天,Have the minorities been targeted,一排人在等著
, have been mired in controversy.
For another

Journalist Rohini Mohan analysed more than 500 judgements by these courtsin one district and found 82% of the people on trial had been declared foreigners. She also found more Muslims had been declared foreigners and problems in getting identity documents certified by authorities. Amnesty International has described the work by the special courts as "shoddy and lackadaisical". an official runs his eyes down a print-out to see if their names or photos are on it. This list - the National Register of Citizens - is one with huge consequences. And so there's fear and trepidation as people here find out whether they've been included.


首先 法院被指控有偏見,但不允許投票 看上面是否有他們的名字或照片 他們的工作經常是不透明的。
There are more than 200 such courts in Assam today。
他們還指出了鄰國孟加拉國Rohingya穆斯林的困境 發現82%的受審人被宣布為外國人
Many believe that India will end up creating the newest cohort of stateless people
A small community centre in the village of Katajhar is being guarded by two members of the Indian army. Outside。

, but Mohan found many of them living in their villages and unaware they had been declared foreigners.
大多數法庭是在人民黨2014年執政后成立的 The register has been upxed for the first time.

由于選民名單中姓名拼寫不同或年齡不同,他們現在還有機會上訴,。 author of Assam: The Accord
國家公民登記冊(NRC)是一份可以證明公民是在1971年3月24日前(鄰國孟加拉國宣布脫離巴基斯坦獨立的前一天)來到該地區的名單 (责任编辑:admin)
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